"Our best today will be the floor we stand on for an even better tomorrow. The best is always yet to come!"
Sammy & Natalia Cosa

people matter.

Sammy & Natalia Cosa began their award-winning company Closer to Love Collective on Valentine’s Day 2010. The year 2017 proved to be a liminal year that led Sammy & Natalia into the freedom of retiring young and living out their dreams as full-time parents to their 3 children, Saylah Joelle (7), Audrey Hope (5) and Valor Alexander (2). The foundation of everything the Cosas do, philanthropically and otherwise, is rooted in their faith in God. They are passionate about changing the world, living a life of excellence, venture philanthropy & radical generosity. They believe now is the greatest time in history to be alive, and that the best is yet to come.

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